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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


   I love making gift baskets and it started long before I moved to CT. Ever since I saw in the 1980's a teddy bear in a clear balloon at a birthday party I have been interested in gift presentation. Also as a child I had gone to many wedding showers  (I was the one who always gifted the "something blue [and obscene]"). I grew to love and be impressed by cellophane and gift baskets the brides would receive. Because of my past facination with gift presentation those that invite me to their parties know that I always aim outside the norm. They also know that I love packing tape to keep the presentation of the gift together and that is something that I would like to change.I had been wondering about this book on Barnes and Nobles online discount bin for a couple of days.

   For Easter I got a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles. I used the gift certificate along with a discount code I found on Retailmenot.com and I got 6% back on my purchase through Ebates. So basically when I picked up this item for $7.19 and free shipping I figured what did I have to lose?  With all of that in my arsenal I decided to give this book King Size Towel Origami: 50 Fantastic Folding Project For Your Bath Towels, Bathrobes, And Beach Towels a chance.

   I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Does that statement sound sad? Is it sad that I was not happy with a towel origami book. But I am inspired to attempt to work from these designs and improve on them. I am not going to use this except for gifts or to make gift baskets. I am not a Stepford Housewife no matter how hard I try I cannot learn to like to do housework. I do not even get to do my own laundry because we do not have laundry on the premise. Sigh, my husband does our laundry and everything is forever wrinkled. That is one of my only complaints of this condo. I wish I had a washer and dryer in my condo. I miss the joys of doing and folding my own laundry fresh out of the dryer.

  First of all I have to say that this book does have very easy to follow directions. Alison Jenkin's directions are broken down into clear steps with easy to follow along pictures as well. I have to praise her for her chapter on "Bathtime Snacks" and "Buildings." Her "people and creatures" were kind of scary but not in the intended way. I did not like her people they looked "off." Lassie, and King Kong were the only good parts of the "People and Creatures" section.

Killer Whale page 102

 Here is a list of the better projects:
1.) Lassie
2.) King Kong
3.) Chrysler Building
4.) Cupcake
5.) Wedding cake (although I did not like the "topper.")
6.) Ice Cream Cone
7.) Burger
8.) Hot Dog
9.) Shark
10.) Whale
11.) Killer Whale
12.) Penguin
13.) Swan
14.) Hippo
15.) Owl
16.) Lighthouse
17.) Sailing boat
18.) Palm tree (although I wish it would stand up by itself)
19.) Clam Shell
20.) Dog Whelk
21.) Crab
22.) Seal
23.) The Parthenon
24.) Sydney Opera House
25.) Big Ben

The below are examples of towel people that are just "off" and I cannot explain so I am going to have to show examples:

Billy Bathtowel page 14

Marilyn page 26

  With the only half of the projects even interesting me I have to say my recommendation is that it is a good library rental. It was great for inspiration and there are a couple of great projects but only with half being good makes it seem like not the best deal. I think I want to try these with perhaps floral wire and start simple and then branch out when I make my towel origami.

All pictures are copyright 2010 Ivy Press Limited taken by Andrew Perris and Calvey Taylor- Haw. The book was publishedby Metro Books  by Arrangement of Ivy Press Limited. Creative child of Alison Jenkins author of this book. I do not claim to have the use of these photographs that I scanned to illustrate. 

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