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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cake in the Cinnamon Bun Bundt Cake Pan

Cinnamon Bun Pull-Apart Cake Pan

 I needed to get rid of eggs because they are expiring in 8 days, it is another crazy cabin fever filled day and I wanted to try out my new bundt cake pan. On this yet another snowy day I have been organizing and cleaning out our condo. It made me think will I ever use this cute pan? They say if you haven't used an item in 6 months you should throw it our or donate it. So in honor of hoarding everything I made sure that I used my cinnamon bun bunt pan I got around Christmas time.

  I also had box cake mixes that I originally got for Christmas for baking with my Mother-in-law's next door neighbor kids. We were unable to use the mixes and get together so I thought I would use the box cake. Now I am not going to even bother with a recipe but I used 2 cake mixes and 6 eggs for this bundt cake. For the future I would recommend only using one and a half cake boxes. I always recommend any cake recipe in the book (although I have only made three cakes from it) William Sonoma: Cake. Also inside they have a very yummy ganache recipe that is amazing!

2 cake mixes in the bundt cake pan.
Cake baked in the bundt cake pan.
Cake turned right side up and cooling.
The cake can pull apart.
One piece of cake.
 The cake pan is really nice and it is intended for cinnamon buns but they come out really cute! There are 8 rolls but that is really enough for 16 since they are big! I think next time I would of course bake from scratch and pour over a nice ganache so that you can still see the nice design. But when you have cabin fever, need to use up some eggs and you want to do something half butt this really comes in handy. Less cleaning up than cupcakes and it is something new.

 Suggested toppings:

 Pour chocolate ganache
 Warm Nutella
 Powder Sugar
 Caramel sauce
 Hot fudge
 Lemon sauce
 Raspberry sauce
 Strawberry Sauce
 Lemon glaze

 The cake does not really keep its design with thick frosting so maybe slice the cake down the middle and put a filling in that way. Then maybe just drizzle the cake with one of the above toppings. The cake you can pull apart but I would suggest cutting it still with a knife.

 My husband really appreciated me baking the cake as he ended up having to go into work on his day off for the night shift last night. We split a piece at lunch and it was not bad for a box cake. I figured this will cut down on the need for him to get the post midnight shift doughnut and I sent him enough for his coworkers.