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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sometimes It Is Better Just To Get What You Want The First Time


 So my husband and I have been painting our bedroom for a couple of weeks. I needed to get two roman shades for the bedroom and quickly. I usually have good results with Pottery Barn but it is just so expensive! So it would have cost me an extra $100-197.80 to get the Roman Shades that I had wanted. But I figured between the painting the room, the trim and the 12 Holman Shelves it was starting to just add up for the bedroom redo. I did get to have 15% off of the Holman Shelves which did help with the price since I ordered through the Pottery Barn store in Stamford during a promotional deal.

 But I chanced it on a pair of Roman shades that were nonreturnable but a very good deal at $149.99 each. The Roman Shades were the pottery barn Cameron Cotton Cordless Roman Shades in Sea glass Blue. They looked like the blue in my bedroom online but they ended up being more green in person and not me. Now I am trying to relist them on eBay to try to get back some of the money but with shipping it was $350.00 and I hate them! I rarely hate things I have gotten from Pottery Barn but this is so not me and it is not even close to what is pictured online!

  However I should have gotten the Roman Shades that I wanted which were Cameron Cotton Cordless Roman Shades in white $199 or Black Grosgrain Ribbon Cordless Roman Shades $249. Because those were the ones that I wanted and if I did not like them I could have gotten a refund on the item. I also stupidly got 3 of them because one is going in the Kitchen. However in the kitchen they do not look as bad so for now I am keeping them!

  But that is what you get when you gamble sometimes you win big and other times you take a loss/have to post it on EBay. I look at my windows everyday because my bed faces the curtains and I should not look at a compromise! Sometimes you should budget things that make a big impact or that are going to be looked at for most of your time in a room.

 I do think that in the short time crunch and the fact even on Etsy/eBay there were still too expensive choices that would take longer. I have to let myself not be so upset that I wasted money because it is just money. I now have to find two new Roman Shades and spend money which will be more than if I just bought what I wanted the first time.  If I do not sell the items I will have to find a way to just recover the shades or maybe do a little fabric painting. But since I cannot sew it will delay this project. Let's hope that the shades sell because they are nice but don't go with my color schemes. Check me out on eBay at: http://www.ebay.com/usr/freshmegamix