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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dessert For A Hot Day! And A Movie!

Yes this HUGE jar of Nutella I got today
 and the Heat inspired this post

  Currently it is 92 Degrees here. I am working on a Nutella Stuffed Cookie Recipe post but then my husband handed me this 26.5 oz bottle of Nutella. I got distracted. I thought of a good idea for a Dessert platter for those days it is too hot to bake but you still want something sweet. Nutella is great for dipping because at room temperature it is a bit runny making it great for a dip. This dessert is more of a lazy assembled dessert platter.

  I am pretty sure that everyone knows that you can put chocolate on Pretzels, Strawberries,cantaloupe and so the idea of putting Nutella on it is not so original. But I fell hard for this new vehicle for Nutella and that is The Kettle Cooked Lays Potato chip.

I actually do not recommend the 40% less fat
potato chip but that is what my hubby got!

Here is my idea: 

  Get a chip and dip serving piece that is separated like the one I have below. The center part you want to fill with Nutella Spread. You are going to want enough dessert plates and cocktail spreaders for you and your guests. Or you could always just give everyone a martini glass of Nutella (yum!), plates and use what you have for the "dipper" items items. 26.5 oz of Nutella will be enough for 4-5 people that like Nutella. So plan accordingly for parties over 5.

  I recommend getting some skim milk because Nutella goes well with skim milk, some grapes for a palate cleanser and I am not sure which fruits taste good dipped in Nutella. I have friend who likes Apples and Nutella so that might be a nice refreshing treat. I would get two types of apples: a sweet Gala apple and a tart Granny Smith and experiment with which tastes better with Nutella.

White Chip and Dip from Crate And Barrel

Suggestions For Dippers:

  Do not get the Stauffers animal crackers because they are gross and they are the cheapest ones that I could find. I give them to my dog to eat because it is low in sugar and there are no recalled animal products in it. After all the food recalls for dogs this is the brand that I use. The only off brand Animal crackers that I like is the Stop and Shop which is not badly priced.

  I recommend pairing this with a good cooking movie like Julie & Julia or a binge with your friends and the FoodNetwork. Maybe if you have really good friends a Julia Child Marathon.

Julie & Julie (2009) it will make you hungry!

Here are other good movies about cooking that would pair well with this Dessert Platter:

Chocolat (2000)

Like Water for Chocolate (1992)
 What do you like to dip Nutella in? And what is your favorite movie about cooking?