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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Working On Painting and Updating Our Bedroom

  I am in renovation hell! Our bedroom badly needs to be repainted and I am trying to get my Holman Shelves up. So far all week no paint and all mess! I will update you with better pictures of fresh paint and etc when it is ready.

Pottery Barn Holman Shelves wrapping around a corner

 We never picked out this green sherbet color but we just worked with it after the disaster of painting the living room and hallway when we first moved in! 

   My mom made those really sad roman shades which had a cord system that did not work! I loved the fabric as they were a celery faux bois fabric by Joel Dewberry. I really like faux bois and since it relates to my last name I like the sort of pun. When water leaked in during a couple of hurricanes it ruined the window shades! 

  There is a lot of work before we can paint. We had to empty the room and then we had to rebuild the walls in the room! We have plaster walls that are damaged so we have to put some compound on the walls and sand before we can paint. I also had to use Zinsser spray paint where the furniture rubbed against the wall. We were so tired I decided to add a smiley face to the wall. It started to look ghetto so I just went with it.  Here is a before after I finally was able to move pretty much everything out of the bedroom. 

The window wall that needs repair

The window got really stained from a couple of hurricanes/water leaks

Bed pushed up against the wall until we are ready to paint

Smiley face view of our two small closets!

Window wall with patching

Another view of the bedroom-before picture.

View of the bedroom  through the door-before picture

The first time in a long time we have had cleared out closets!

Our ghetto bed until we are done with all of the painting!
Come back soon to see how it turns out!