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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Friday Shopping Separating Out Good Deals, Wants, and Needs!

 I always stay in for Black Friday!

  So I was kind of bad on Black Friday not that I bought stupid things but I went down to $75.00 in my bank account (not that there was a lot of money in there to begin with). I shopped online because I never like to shop in store on black Friday because I am afraid of the people that will kill for 0.50 off of an item! But there were a lot of emails and lists of wants that had to make room for Needs. And it seems every Black Friday there are so many good deals and it is always a time when I have never have money!

 However I did get a much needed winter outfit and for a good price at Talbot's. Even that made me want to go kind of crazy because I actually needed other things as well. But what helped me from going out of control (besides my limited bank account) was that I was to pick one outfit and that was it. I got 50% off of the highest item and then 40% off the rest of my cart plus the price of taxes/shipping. What helps when you are on a budget or when you don't want to get out of control is to think: What do I have in my closet? Do I already have an item just like that? Do I have all my staple wardrobe items taken care of? Will I wear it? Will I wear it a lot and Does this make an outfit(s)?

  I need to get long sleeve tees because I need somethings to layer in the winter but I had to limit it to an outfit! Those shirts would get wear if they were in my clothing rotation but I did not even get one. I also wanted to add: a black cashmere turtlenecknavy blue cashmere crewneckchunky cable mock turtleneck sweaterAmelia Plaid Coat and a lot of Pima cotton crewneck tees. I was upset that the Buffalo Plaid Skirt sold out before the sale in red (and it is almost sold out in Blue in any size!). The Red Buffalo plaid was one I had originally thought I was going to buy but I think the black/white skirt I will have more wear out of it.

   I decided on two classic turtlenecks in ivory/shadow heather (aka gray), the black/white carroll tweed A-line Skirt, and a Riding Red Puffer Vest. I was very tempted to go for cashmere and add other items. What I decided was that I had a black turtleneck already (although it has an odd neck/short sleeves) and that I could get more wear out of the two colors of turtlenecks. I also rationalized that it is going to be a cold winter and I right now I needed turtlenecks more than long sleeve cotton tees. I also am more of a wash/wear as I am not working in an office and I did not want to have to pay to dry clean the cashmere turtleneck. Although in my mind I could see how in the cashmere sweater I looked beautiful! The puffer vest is something that I need because it can be worn in the East Coast indoor during cold weather and it can be worn in 3 seasons. Since I like to go for walks outside it would be used a lot. Also I could see the gray or white turtleneck being paired with the black/white skirt and with the red puffer jacket. Another outfit  grouping could be one of the turtlenecks, jeans/pants and the puffer jacket.

 I also got two pairs of Yoga pants for 50% off which made them reasonable. I wear yoga pants when I like to go walking and I had wanted to get more pairs so when I saw that they were on sale I tried one new style of yoga pants and purchased another pair of yoga pants that I knew I liked. When I wear my yoga pants to go for a long walk with the dog I then have to put another pair on so now I can do that for 3 days. Readers might remember that my husband does the laundry at work which means that I cannot rely on doing my own laundry. I fantasize about having a laundry room to do my laundry like most straight women day dream of Channing Tatum! It is a want that for the future is not going to be fulfilled but yet I cannot help but think about it! Plus you could do laundry off of those wash board abs.

 I know that I said that I never go out to Black Friday BUT I had to go exchange the wrong roman shade that was sent out to me back to Pottery Barn. I was afraid but I walked down (I was afraid of being run over, run down, smashed into and etc) and I left at noon time arriving to Pottery Barn at 12:30 pm. I got some much needed exercise post Turkey day and I also had an expiring coupon to William Sonoma. So luckily I was able to quickly the Roman Shade to Pottery Barn. I think that this was because the one in the Stamford Mall sells nothing really and is not really giving any Black Friday Deals. Sure if you spent $100 you go $20 off (but it had to be bought in store and it could not be from the catalogue/online) and there was 30% off ornaments but they were still expensive. That is probably why I did not get trampled. Also the deals usually are before noon. Then I had a $10.00 off coupon to spend a William Sonoma and I had been eying the Cinnamon Bun Pan for a while. I decided that I finally was going to purchase the pan because I wanted to make them and I heard this was a quicker way. I have never actually made them but I heard they are very labor intensive so I thought I would get the pan. Also I figured I could make other things like coffee cake and cakes. The pan allows for whatever cake/bread/etc to be pull apart so it works for me! So the pan was not on sale but it was reasonable after the $10.00. Those are all the items that I purchased on black Friday. 

  This was what I had wanted to buy but then I realized I put money in the savings account that did not get accounted for yet so... I had to leave it. Saturday.com which is Kate Spade store was having an AMAZING DEAL! They had a spend $150 get $50 off and spend $300 get $100 off! I had been eyeing these two bags and I was going to purchase them. In addition Ebates was giving back 7% on top of that. I have been eying the Stripe Weekender bag for so long and I have plans to go away at some point. It has this great compartment for shoes and lots of pockets for wallets, passports and etc. However I think that this is not going to sell out, I don't need it right now, it was still expensive at $130 after the discount and I am gambling that it will get down to $90-$100. If I had also purchased it with a small weekender bag I would have gotten it for even better deal! But the small weekender bag was suppose to be $105 but it kept ringing up as $150.00 so I just decided to not to do it! You just have to know the trends and buy when it is going to be at the lowest! 

 Do not even get me started on the 15% off on Crate and Barrel and CB2 I just had to walk away from that one! There is always something amazing there that I did not know that I must have. I know if I looked around I could make a want into a need and I could not do that to myself! So I just stuck with clothing and the one splurge was the Cinnamon Bun pan which I am going to use around Xmas time. Plus I can get a post out of that so it was worth the money. 

 So anyway... I was pretty "bad" on Black Friday and so now to off set all the money that I spent I am posting on ebay. My User ID is: Freshmegamix. It is going to take a lot of work but the Christmas season is the best time to sell. I have to make up the money that I spent and put more money in our savings account so that we can save for a down payment on a house. In the long run I rather have a house than a lot of great stuff. 

 And once again here is Channing...