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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ugly Sofa Curtains inspires new linens

  The Results are in and: THE SHADES ARE AMAZING!

  It took a while for Ugly Sofa to deliver my Roman Shades. Ugly Sofa says that they X out all of the curtain tags/boxes so that you cannot return them to the Pottery Barn Teen store. However they did not X out anything on my packages! I could have given them as a gift and no one would have known except for the fact they are 63 inches long instead of 64 inches long. Since my windows do not depend on it being 64 inches long it is okay! They arrived as if I purchased them off of Pottery Barn and paid a crazy amount of money.

  I bought my Curtains the weekend after Thanksgiving and I had to wait a long time! In fact I had to contact them via email for them to send out the curtains. But they came perfectly and after a week or so I should have contacted them. So that is the only draw back but I think they are pretty much a mom and pop store. I still could not beat the savings on the curtains!

These is the Grosgrain  ribbon shade from Pottery Barn that you will pay
$239 more if you buy at Pottery Barn rather than Ugly Sofa.
That is a lot of money for black out lining!
  The Shades are not black out lined but my bedroom is on the side of the condo that does not get a lot of sun so it is actually perfect. At the price of $29.98 including shipping, the 20% off coupon and price of two Roman Shades-- I think that was a great deal! In fact I just put one of the window shades I was going to put up (but never did and are still good) on eBay and I purchased another one of these shades because I love them! Also it is much cheaper and I did not like the other one that much especially for the price! I really just wanted to purchase these on Pottery Barn but they are crazy expensive I could not even afford one of them! The grosgrain ribbon shades are $249 plus 10% of the final price is the shipping charge at Pottery Barn!

My shelves are up with some items!

 My Bedroom is slowly coming together but as I said my husband had gone away on vacation was home a couple of days and then went in for Gallbladder surgery. Three days ago the last part of Silicone was added to the shelves and the room is starting to take shape. Slowly I am cleaning out the living room, getting rid of Christmas decoration and organizing the bedroom. There are still paint touch ups and some removal of items to go into our storage unit. I still need to do a lot of organizing but it is coming along!

  I also purchased a new duvet cover, a couple Euro shams, a couple standard pillow covers and some personalized pillows from West Elm. They were 20% off and today I woke up and there was free shipping. I called West Elm and since I ordered last night they gave me the free shipping and are going to reimburse me the shipping! It never hurts to call customer service if you buy an item and the next day it goes on sale or there is an offer of free shipping.

   I already have purchased the West Elm Duvet in Feather Gray Stripe in size King for one of my comforters but I just bought one in size queen for the other comforters that I have. I have another set of duvets for the spring/summer but it never hurts to have change of duvets so you do not have to dry clean your comforters as much.

    I wanted back up for the personalized Feather Gray Stripe Euro Sham. I got two of the Euro shams personalized with my dog Penny's name in Citron.

   I wanted back up for the personalized Feather Gray Stripe so I got two of the Standard shams personalized one with my name and one with my husband's name in Citron.

  I do not have a lot of Euro Shams for my Euro pillow so I wanted to get variety for the bed. These Sol Stripe in Golden Gate were such a steal at West Elm and were the right colors so I purchased them.

  Then I got four of the regular Shams in Sol Stripe in Golden Gate so that it would be able to mix and match the duvet with the different shams for variety.

  I really wanted to get this sheet set with extra standard pillows and personalize them but I think for on sale $70.00 for a sheet set plus another sham set at $22 for a total of $92 was pretty steep price. The sheet set is so cute and I love to be able to monogram! I think am either going to wait for a better sale price or to see if i could get something like it at Home Goods. I think I could probably get this set like this for $45 at Home Goods or I will shop for another sheet set that might be better.

  The sheet set is only 200 count so it is not like it is Egyptian cotton with a high thread count. I am also wondering if it would be too much with all of the wide stripes in the duvet etc. I had already spend a great deal of money last night so I did not want to spend anymore. Luckily I am selling some items on eBay so that should counter act my spending on these linens. But sometimes you need fresh linens to perk up a place!

 West Elm Stylist also suggests using white cotton linens for the base so you have a place to rest your eyes. How do you layer your bed?