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Thursday, March 10, 2011


   I have decided to keep but no longer go under the blog of "StepfordCTWife."  
(http://stepfordctwife.blogspot.com/It is too obvious and so many people say "oh I am such a 'stepford wife,' blah, blah!" But I cannot claim to be one because I am not perfect and I could not even finish the project "Martha Stewart: Cooking School."

  But who is Perfect? Even Martha is not perfect and she is pretty damn near close to being or does a good job projecting that she is perfection. I read that she actual loves to do housework! I could never say that. I am lucky to have a clean house for more than 20 minutes!

   Soon I am going to be turning the big 3-0...crap and it is making my body fall apart. I am not looking forward to leaving my 20's. I wish I could have back the last four years of my 20's for I spoiled them in the chase for Nursing school. I devoted one whole year to surgical technology so that I could get into easily the Nursing program as advised. Instead I should have just save the money and just worked as a bartender at night and worked out during the day. But then I guess I would not have "life experience." Perhaps I would just not get "Dilbert" or the TV show "scrubs." But I think a ten year old gets those things...

   Here is the regret-- I was just so focused and so looking at the future that I could not foresee this going wrong. I did so well in Surgical Technology. Then I got married one week after finishing and graduating second in my Surgical Technology class. Then less than two weeks later I started Nursing School. Not having a real honeymoon is where I went wrong. I thought that the sacrifice of the first two years of marriage and never seeing people in the 3 years of pursing my goal would be worth it. But it was not because it did not work even with my best intentions and hard work.  

   Worst of all it made me scared and I was so miserable. For my first year of marriage my husband and I worked separate shifts. I was isolated and the only people I saw were Nursing teachers who just would make me feel miserable!

   The school I went to just threw a collection of books at me and then were like "know this for tomorrow and be grateful." I did a lot of bed pans and a lot of cleaning up of old people sitting/waiting for us in their own feces (by the way that is just cruel to the students and for the poor elder who has to deal with that ill treatment). That alone should result that I get $1,000 dollars tax free yearly from the health field for what I did! Nursing professors are not good because they are too old to work as a nurse and have become mean to survive. One nurse professor was just such a-- well I won't go there. If Karma was a truth she would be trampled by an elephant farm for about 50 years. Looking back I have to say "Why? Why did I think that this would be good?" I made it to the third out of four semesters and I was not cutting it. I left with a painful heart, 50 extra pounds from stress/isolation, 100 horrific phone calls between my mom and I about "Why did I give up?" and my stock sinking.

  That was last year. This is this year.

   Last year a lot happened. I finished one chapter of the Martha Stewart book and got my husband to lust after my soups. I made everything from scratch. This year I know how to make from scratch stocks but this year I have saved myself the extra steps and I use Kitchen Basics.It is less time and less money to use Kitchen Basics and it tastes just like what I spent two days making. It is fantastic and it has a low sodium option. I have changed my soup routine to be no more than 3 hours. I know how to make it and my husband hates waiting three days for soup. I hate spending 8 hours waiting for stock to be done only to then cool it, skim it and then spend another day making chicken soup. I also ironically do not like soup. So it is a lot of work to then make grilled cheese sandwiches for myself.

 Last year when I started the blog I had a 1985 kitchen from hell and I started work at my current job with rotating hours and days. So I got tired and I did not have a kitchen during remodeling for about 3 months. That takes a lot out of your ability to cook. But I will show my updated galley kitchen glory in one of my upcoming blogs. I have to say that I love my new kitchen and it has inspired a lot in my relationship with Jonathan. He is getting better and more patient with cooking. We also have been trying to eat better and to both aid in the cooking. It should be a very exciting year! Being on the same work schedule helps and being able to have dinner with him a couple times a week is so wonderful!

 Last year the price of gas was cheaper and this summer they say that gas is going to be $5.00 a gallon. Luckily this year we have connections to produce and eggs. My mother in law has a garden which my husband, Jon, is going to be planning out this year. It makes him so happy to think of when to grow crops and how to get more than one crop in the garden. We have more time to help harvest and grow the garden. Which means no paying extra money for hot house tomatoes. Also it means that my mother in law's produce will not wilt/rot on the vines because no one has time.

 Also my mother in law's neighbor/friend has chickens. Eduardo has been giving us some great fresh eggs! Now we have the ability to eat local and to save money. Eating local was not really much of an option last year. It is still expensive to eat "local"  in Stamford because we have to pay twice it seems always here. The "local" food is from upper New York and is not very "local."

  My goal this year is to bake more and to prepare food from our modern "Victory Garden." I want to make food that is in season and not really rely on overpriced out of season food. Also my husband and I are going to try canning and harvesting the vegetables. Jonathan also shows interest in learning to cook with me and he is also more importantly getting better at cleaning up also.We both can work on our kitchen skill and our cooking skills together which will be a good bonding experience.

  So here is to saying goodbye to the 20's in style and saying hello to new opportunities and being a older and actually being a bit wiser!